Welcome to Titus Leadership Consulting. I specialize in coaching, mentoring and/or training leaders in the public sector. If you are looking to develop a portfolio of skills that you can use to tackle the technical and interpersonal issues that managers face, I can help.

I also facilitate meetings that have the potential to be contentious, complicated or have interpersonal conflicts woven throughout the technical problem.  I enjoy working in conflict situations because when team frustrations are the greatest, people may be open to potential solutions.


“Kim is an incredibly skilled and engaged listener. When I share challenges of perceptions, I feel heard and understood. Kim also has the insight to ask exactly the right questions to help me to figure out how to navigate my own issues, and to better understand what I want and how to achieve it.”

– Karen Schank, Acting Associate Deputy State Director – Oregon/Washington BLM

Kim has always been an avid learner and quickly integrated her learning into skills that she applied as a leader and supervisor. Along the way, she also became one of the best meeting facilitators we have ever seen, whether internally, with partners, or the public. We once observed Kim comment to her leadership team that she loves when conflict appears because she then knows the underlying dilemmas at play, which provide a path to work through it. It is fair to say she is not intimidated by strong differences of opinion!

We have also watched Kim work as a supervisor… and she’s masterful at walking the line of being fair while simultaneously insisting that people be accountable for their actions, as well as responsible for their performance. Her last context for doing that type of work was during the two-year process of combining two BLM Districts, which of course meant convincing formerly competing organizations to both restructure as well as change their attitudes about working with “them”.

– Integrations, Zane & Elaine Cornett